Art and Words: Mark Toner
Fonts: Blambot

Monday, 14 September 2020

Contagion Episode #11

 Prof PootPoot is pacing up and down with worry while Dr Scope tries to calm him down with a distraction therapy.


Is it as bad as the Professor believes? Is the Magpie doomed? Stay tuned to this blog to find out.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Contagion - Episode 10

 Captain Bold, Chief McPhail and Mike Maseko have miniaturised and gone into the space station in search of the equipment necessary to recharge the Magpie. Meanwhile, on the Magpie's bridge ...

Can Bold and his team get the Magpie moving without coming into contact with the star pox? Will the crew make it to the science conference? Keep reading Magpie of Space.

*McPhail speaks Glaswegian. Check out the previous episodes for a glossary and then you should kind of get the idea.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Contagion - Episode 9

Captain Bold, Chief McPhail, Mike Maseko, Hap Hazard and Dr Scope meet in the Engineering Lab.
Episode 9 Comic
Where is Mr Hazard? Can the team get the ship charged and escape the star pox? More to come in Magpie of Space.

Glaswegian Glossary

Aroon - around
Teensy - smaller than wee
Oerdae - overdo
Naewhere - nowhere
Sma - small
Whit - what
Poke - pocket or small bag

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Contagion - Episode 8

The command team meet in the ship's conference room.

Will the Chief's new plan get the Magpie free of Station AE104? Will Lt Hap Hazard finally get a gun? Will Commander Maseko be able to keep Hazard from being a hazard? These questions and many others might get an answer next time in Magpie of Space.

Glaswegian Glossary

See earlier episodes for more.

Verra - very
Huv - have (variant)
Jist - just
Oor - our
Wee - small
O - of
Staunin - standing
Teeny - tiny
Meikle - small (in a subtly different way from wee)
Wilna - will not
Masel - myself
Twa - two

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Contagion - Episode 7

Chief Engineer McPhail's robots stand in the docking port, ready to enter Station AE104 and find a way of recharging the Magpie's engines.

What has Chief McPhail got in mind? Keep following Magpie of Space.

Glaswegian Glossary

See Episode 6 for more words.

yersels - yourselves
wid - would
shooer - shower
clankin - clanking
pail - bucket
whit - what
nivver - never
dae - do
wummin - woman