Art and Words: Mark Toner
Fonts: Blambot

Monday, 1 June 2020

Contagion - Episode 6

Chief Dina McPhail addresses her robot crew members, accompanied by Dr Zoe Scope. The robots look a little uneasy.
Translation notes for non-Glaswegians follow.

Dina is from Glasgow, a descendent of a whole line of McPhail ship's engineers. For those of you unacquainted with Glaswegian Scots, here is a little glossary.

 Dinna Do not  Oany Any 
 Fear Be afraid of  Sae So
 Thon The third version of "this" and "that,"
used here to mean "the" with the context of a topical subject,
not exactly translatable into English
 A I
 Youse Plural of ye, English you Doonloadit Downloaded
 Ur Are Intae Into
 Canna Cannot Yer Your
 Aye Yes Hae Have
 Tae To Nae No
 Oan on Findin Finding
 Noo Now Chargin Charging
 Huvnae Have not Gang Go
  Aheid Ahead


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